Upcycling 101

We want to take a minute to talk about upcycling. At Reborn, this is what we are all about. We want to define what it means, why we do it, and how you will fall in love with this process too.

What It Is:

Upcycling is simply the idea that textile waste, fabric scraps, and extra garments still have value and can be essential parts of new products.

Why We Do It:

The amount of waste in our landfills is a huge problem. It is building up, and we believe that we can help by preventing usable materials from ever being thrown away. 

On a large scale, the fashion industry plays a detrimental role in this toxic cycle. While we generate roughly 92 million tons of textile waste annually globally, it’s estimated that 95% of textile “waste” that ends up in landfills today could be reused or upcycled. We believe that intercepting this “waste” before it enters the trash will make a massive difference in the long run while still allowing us to create beautiful and unique goods.

How You Will Fall in Love with It Too:

As a company, upcycling is a win-win. You’re able to offer a unique line that preserves the material’s original value while avoiding manufacturing processes harmful to the environment. 

As a consumer, this process allows any brand to put more into the design and delivery processes than the materials themselves. This increases individuality and innovation, leading to products right on the boundary of current and cutting edge. 

With quality and affordability preserved, deciding to upcycle is the future. And with the demand for eco-friendly products increasing, this is the perfect time to join in.


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