Turn Your T-Shirt into a Hanging Basket

Summer 2020 has been the season of staying in—which means its also been a summer full of DIY kitchen, home and closet projects. We already taught you how to whip up some mouthwatering focaccia and sourdough loafs, and now we’ve got a new project for you to test out this weekend: DIY hanging baskets. Get your morning coffee on (or your afternoon happy hour—hey, we don’t judge), a potted plant, an old tee, and get to upcycling! These baskets are the perfect way to finally get some use out of those old shirts that you’ve stowed in the back of your closet. Follow along below!

DIY Hanging Basket

What you need:

1 long sleeve T-shirt

A potted plant 

Pair of scissors


Step 1. Cut the strips out of the shirt. You will need 15 strips for this project. Be sure to save the collar!

Step 2. Take the collar and three of the t-shirt strips and tie them together. We folded our collar piece into a smaller circle so there wouldn’t be too much stretch.

Step 3: Start braiding the three pieces together, and then set aside for later.

For this portion, you will need the rest of the scraps and your potted plant for sizing.

Step 4: Take eight pieces and line them up. Tie the ends into a nice, big knot. Make sure it won’t move anywhere!

Step 5: Take two pieces at a time and tie them into a knot. You should have four knots, but make sure they are evenly spaced all around. Once you have a knot, split its ties into a V, as shown below.

Step 6: From the V shape, take one piece from each knot and tie them together. It should almost look like a chain link fence. Repeat this process until you are happy with how high the knots go.  

 Step 7: After tying the knots, it should have a zig zag shape like this! Test out holding your potted plant and make sure your it won’t fall out when you hang it up.

Step 8: On the loose ends of your hanging planter, tie the remaining four pieces. This will add length to the hanger so make it as long or short as you’d prefer. Trim the excess.

At this point, your hanger will look like this! Separate the part that holds the plant from the braided loop.

Step 9: Tie the braid and hanger together at the loose ends making sure to tug hard so the knots do not slip. Then, make one large knot that will cover the smaller knots and hold the braiding together. You should now have a large knot halfway down the hanger. Trim the excess.

Pro tip: make one big knot, rather than a series of small knots, before making another knot on top.

Step 10: Pop your pot inside the hanging basket and celebrate your plant’s new little home!

We want to see your sustainable DIY’s! Show us your hanging baskets on Insta. Just tag @rebornclothing.co.

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