“Trinkets and Trash” No More: Giving Life to Event Giveaways

Reborn is moving and shaking in more industries than just one. As we’ve been busy breathing life into university bookstores with our unique upcycled products, yet another industry reached out with large amounts of surplus materials. There’s a list of products that folks in the events industry tend to give out, ranging from cups to pens to notepads and all sorts of other products. They’ve been given a name too: trinkets and trash.

Breathing Life into the Giveaway Industry

Well, we figured there was a need for a product that spoke to event attendees. It would need to be something they would actually want to keep.  A Reborn event giveaway would not only serve as a reminder of the event, but also be a product they’d be proud to use for a very, very long time.

As our wheels have been spinning, we learned that brands often have surplus and dated materials leftover from events. Our goal is to divert this excess material from the landfill while creating unique, life-given products at the same time.

Cureat Scavenger Hunt – Raleigh, NC

In late March, local startup Cureat, an app that helps connect consumers to independent restaurants in their communities, held their first scavenger hunt in the Raleigh area. Scavenger hunters went from restaurant to restaurant in the downtown area. They collected clues along the way that led them to their next destination.

Every scavenger hunter received a Reborn tote at the beginning of the day, made exclusively for the event from some of Cureat’s surplus tees from previous events. They also received an insanely cute Reborn koozie made from the surplus tees to go with their Slingshot Coffee. We managed to create a product that utilized what was taking up storage space – and had become, well, just plain boring.

Event attendees filled their totes with goodies from each restaurant and later at the after party, rested their new totes on their shoulder, showing off an exclusive gift from a very special, Raleigh event. We had fun seeing social media posts come across our feed too!

Next up – we’re making some giveaways for Red Bull from 100% repurposed material from one of our manufacturing partners. Trinkets and trash? No more.

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