The Tarheels Tackle Textile and Plastic Waste With Reborn

Reborn Clothing Co. has teamed up with UNC-Chapel Hill to reduce textile and plastic waste. The Reborn team collected outdated UNC-CH Facilities Services uniforms and transformed them into functional plastic bag dispenser sleeves and portable utensil holders. Reborn is excited to play a key role in a partnership that helps cut down on multiple waste factors. In the coming weeks, hundreds of bag dispenser sleeves and utensil holders will be distributed at UNC-CH for use.

Plastic and textile materials are undeniably integral parts of American life. On average, each American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic and about 80 pounds of clothing per year. Furthermore, billions of plastic bags become litter each year, and the same is true of plastic cutlery. People typically fail to recycle these items properly and often throw away them away after a single use.

Partnerships like Reborn and UNC-CH’s aim to diminish those numbers, and with more than 8 million tons of plastic polluting our oceans and waterways, there’s no time left to wait to take action. With portable utensil holders for silverware, plastic cutlery can be avoided completely, and bag dispensers sleeves make it easy to stash plastic bags after a trip to the grocery store for reuse.


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