The hard truth or the easy answer?

The tenants of fashion are this: produce as much volume as possible to lower costs and increase your profits. Economies of scale in fashion means making 100,000,000 units with maybe a dollar or two in profit per each unit. Margins are tight along the way, so you have to make a lot, to make aContinue reading “The hard truth or the easy answer?”

Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.

As we have entered a new year, a new presidency, a new time in our lives, environmental justice has never been more relevant to the conversation. Protecting our Earth and accepting social responsibility does not come at the expense of individuality, modernity, nor style. In fact, with upcycling, those attributes are not only preserved butContinue reading “Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.”

Reborn Clothing Co: Teaching Raleigh NC To Recycle

“Reborn’s goal for the company is plain and simple: make the planet better. Unknown to most, the fashion and textile industries are the 2nd largest polluter in the world, creating billions of pounds of waste annually.” Check out the full blog post from Raleigh In and Out to learn more about how Reborn is combattingContinue reading “Reborn Clothing Co: Teaching Raleigh NC To Recycle”

Four Ways You Can Fight Textile Waste Every Day

Reborn Clothing Co. began with a simple mission: to reduce textile waste on a personal level. Today, we’re working with organizations of all sizes to reduce waste on a major scale. This Earth Day, and every day, we encourage you to join Reborn in the effort to create a cleaner planet for generations to come.Continue reading “Four Ways You Can Fight Textile Waste Every Day”