Beach Totes Made Better With Reborn + Sunbrella, +GIVEAWAY, #MBPSUMMER20

“I was able to easily fit two large beach towels, snacks, water bottles, a Bluetooth speaker, sunscreen, hats, masks, two cell phones, our beach clothes and we still had plenty of room in the beach tote. It’s not too heavy of a bag to carry and didn’t hurt my arms or shoulders like most bagsContinue reading “Beach Totes Made Better With Reborn + Sunbrella, +GIVEAWAY, #MBPSUMMER20”

Close-Up: Reborn + Sunbrella

Reborn Clothing Co. teamed up with legendary life-proof textile manufacturers Sunbrella Fabrics to create the bags of the summer. Say goodbye to soggy beach bags, stained totes, and broken zippers, and say hello to the bags that you’ll be carrying all summer, next summer and, yep—you guessed it—the one after that too. With Sunbrella’s premiumContinue reading “Close-Up: Reborn + Sunbrella”

Sunbrella Adds New Partner to Repurpose Excess Fabric

“Reborn Clothing Co., a N.C.-based upcycling company, has launched a line of totes and zipper pouches in partnership with the performance fabric company, making use of its scrap fabric materials. Reborn’s mission with the line was to create pieces that each have their own unique fabric combination. The first limited-release of these products is availableContinue reading “Sunbrella Adds New Partner to Repurpose Excess Fabric”

Sustainable Sunny Style

Most people would assume that leftover scraps of fabric belong in the trash, but Emily Neville, founder of Raleigh-based Reborn Clothing Co., sees their potential to become something new and exciting. “We didn’t want to see this perfectly usable, brand new condition fabric shredded or sold for pennies a pound,” Neville says. “What we want toContinue reading “Sustainable Sunny Style”

Sustainable Summer With Reborn + Sunbrella

We could all use a little color, a little warmth and a little fun right now. Reborn Clothing Co. is committed to creating products that make you—and our planet—feel good. With summer on the way and good times on the horizon, we wanted to bring you some exciting new products to celebrate the season. LastContinue reading “Sustainable Summer With Reborn + Sunbrella”

Sustainable Solutions: One Tote at a Time

Reborn Partners with Sunbrella Fabrics Reborn is excited to begin a new journey with our most recent partner – Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella is a North Carolina-based fabric manufacturer that has provided innovative, quality products for over 50 years. As a world-class pioneer in the fabric manufacturing business, Sunbrella provides products ranging from residential and commercialContinue reading “Sustainable Solutions: One Tote at a Time”