Sunbrella Bread Baskets: A gift that symbolizes community.

The Idea

Reborn Clothing Co. has been partnering with Sunbrella since 2019 to create a plethora of direct to consumer products such as beach bags, totes, pillows and more. However, when it comes to our latest collaboration, Sunbrella requested something a bit more personal. They reached out to us wanting a gift for their shareholders that would be centered around community and coming together. With the state of the world and most of their business remaining online Sunbrella wanted something that would make up for the distance that COVID-19 has created.

After hours of brainstorming, Reborn came up with the idea to make a bread basket. The thought process behind this product is that a bread basket symbolizes the act of gathering around a table. While the concept is simple, nothing better represents a sense of community than gathering for a meal.

The Product

The exterior of the bread basket is made of Sunbrella’s excess trademark performance textiles while the inside is made of a food safe lining. This combination of materials allows for a durable yet food safe product.

In addition to the couple hundred bread baskets that were sent out, Reborn also included a pencil case in each order.

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