Seahawk Pride: Upcycled Gifts for UNCW RAs

A laptop is nothing but an extension of a college student. They become things of personal expression, decorated with stickers from various organizations they’re involved in and paying homage to their school. Reborn partners with university leaders to offer students a protective, sustainable case that will be seen carrying their precious cargo all over campus. 

Reborn and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington have partnered to transform their surplus dated t-shirts into laptop sleeves for their resident advisors. The sustainability department is continuously seeking sustainable initiatives and this one made sense for each department’s problem of surplus tees. Each Reborn case emulates the school pride of every Seahawk. 

“I love working with Reborn because it’s a sustainable solution that creates a new life and greater value to products. Giving materials like t-shirts a chance to not only get a second use but potentially one that is practical on a daily basis is brilliant,” said Kat Pohlman, sustainability captain at UNCW. 

We teamed up with Kat and her staff back in January for an initial project on a box of surplus tees, but the campus effort has expanded to be able to offer more students with upcycled gifts. “I love my laptop sleeve, and so does everyone I’ve given them to,” Kat went on. “I think our student leaders will be proud that we could give them a sustainable and beautiful gift that is created by a fellow student.”

Reborn is currently at NC State and East Carolina retailers but plans to expand to UNCW, App State, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill soon so more students can enjoy these sustainable products.

Our whole team is excited to see this project come to life alongside the staff and students in Wilmington! 


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