Reborn U Welcomes Vanderbilt University.

In the newest extension of Reborn U — our cutting-edge college products — we have partnered with Vanderbilt University. Like all of our university lines, this one is a perfect mixture of nostalgia and newness. We are excited to share our most recent collection with you.

This line is exceptional because of the materials with which we worked. Using old uniform jackets, we crafted pillows for alumni, fans, and supporters. This vintage take on a classic comfort product takes merging memories with modern memorabilia to the next level.

CEO Emily Neville is particularly engaged with this line. She shares her thoughts with how Reborn took on this project: “each of our product lines is inevitably unique, with some variation depending upon the material we’re upcycling. Outdated band uniforms sent in by Vanderbilt are a first – but as usual, I’m amazed at what our team and manufacturing partners were able to create. These throw pillows are sure to be cherished by the band and their families long after their marching days have passed.”

We are always ready to take on a different challenge. Our team loves to get creative, searching for new ways to bring the best products to life. From design to delivery, we treasure curiosity and craftsmanship. Innovation and imagination are two essential ingredients to our brand, and this collaboration with Vanderbilt is the latest example of just this.

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