Reborn Turns Surplus Race Tees into New Products

We recently had the opportunity to transform hundreds of surplus race shirts into new products for Krispy Kreme Challenge. Races run into this problem every year because they preorder race day shirts a few months before the race. Whatever is not picked up or sold becomes surplus outdated shirts.

This year, for its fifteenth year, Krispy Kreme Challenge reached out to Reborn to solve what was becoming a staggering storage problem. We transformed their shirts into cinch bags, picnic blankets and koozies. These sold online during the pre-order time and on race day.

For the full story, read this article from WRAL.

The two met and started coming up with ways to turn Krispy Kreme’s old shirts into new items that people would want to buy despite featuring previous event dates and designs. The result is a collection of koozies, cinch bags and a patchwork blanket. Items can be purchased online before the race on expo day, when racers pick up their packets, and on race day.

Reborn is currently partnering with Cureat, a startup in the Raleigh area focused on connecting people to great local restaurants, to transform their surplus shirts into giveaways for their scavenger hunt occurring in March.

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