Our Story

Our Story

An average individual throws away 70 pounds of clothing each year. The fashion industry continues to produce a staggering 80-150 billion garments a year globally. 

Has clothing lost all its value?

At Reborn Closet, we don’t think so. We believe in preserving past dreams and memories of lived-in garments. Your carefully selected first-day-of-school outfits, the band t-shirt you wore on your first date, the onesies your newborn quickly grew out of, the college gear that somehow made its way through countless fall Saturdays – these are your memories. They tell your story, where you come from and who you are. Would we waste this? 

We’re revolutionizing the way we treat your clothing that has finished its current chapter. We see this as an opportunity to pay homage to its origins while transforming it into a new product and new life that you can cherish for years to come. We hope the end result is changing the way we think about clothing from the start – because we know its future.

Meet Our Founder

Emily Neville was that weird kid in middle school who attended Tuesday night sewing classes at her local quilting shop. She learned how to make simple updates to her clothing and loved being able to reimagine pieces she had only gotten a few weeks earlier, but didn’t like for one reason or another. As she got older, she became more informed of the fast fashion crisis but only saw solutions that were expensive or out of reach for the average individual or anyone on a college student’s budget, like her! This is where Emily married her idea of a commonsense solution to getting clothing out of the back of her closet and bringing sustainability to the mainstream with Reborn Closet. She’s committed to continuing to grow our brand to be inclusive of everyone who wants to participate in sustainable fashion. 


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