Welcome, Ohio Wesleyan University!

Reborn U has arrived at Ohio Wesleyan University, our latest university partnership! This new collection includes laptop sleeves, accent pillows, tote bags, travel cases, and our signature koozie pack that has quickly become one of our most popular items. With school spirit and sustainability as the threads of this collection, we are excited to see students, alumni and friends, and family alike show their OWU pride with Reborn products. 

“At Reborn, we work with schools of all sizes to transform their surplus gear into unique products. We’re so excited to welcome Ohio Wesleyan onto our team of sustainable schools with this collection being one of my favorites – just check out the hockey-gear turned pillows for your next OWU fan gift!” -Emily Neville, CEO & Founder

Visit our Reborn U Ohio Wesleyan University page to see the entire collection. 



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