Make It Happen: Reborn Designs T-Shirts For NCSU’s E-Clinic

The Project. 

This past Spring, The Entrepreneurship Clinic at North Carolina State University approached Reborn with the goal of creating a unique t-shirt for students in the E-Clinic. As described on their website, “The NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic integrates research, teaching and real world experience by providing a place where faculty, students, entrepreneurs and service providers go to teach, learn and build the next generation of businesses in Raleigh.”

With this in mind, Reborn wanted to create something that reflected the hard work and entrepreneurial dreams of these students. We eventually landed on the phrase “make it happen.”

Story Spotlight.

Pictured above are Mushfika Mica, Alysha Totemwongs, and Sabrina Martin of Good Measure. “Good Measure is a modernized and sustainable approach to medical apparel. Dedicated to both form and function, they look at utilitarian pieces through a renewed lens to create workwear that empowers healthcare professionals to look and feel their best while caring for others,” as explained by its founder, Alysha Totemwongs.


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