Reborn x Leclair’s

The past few months have felt like a state of constant nostalgia. Looking back on times that now seem uniquely rosey has pushed us at Reborn to consider what we can do to make memories more tangible. We want to bring the past to life to bring us together in the present.

The Reborn and Leclair’s General Store partnership has the goal of doing just this. Owned by Patrick LeClair, Leclair’s storefront is located in Fayetteville, NC. Patrick has gathered dozens of one-of-a-kind vintage items over the years with the vision of upcycling them into current products. In tandem with our team at Reborn, we accomplished this goal.

Through combining vintage goods with a modern perspective, we proudly produced an exciting new collection. Together, we designed varsity duffels, wine carriers, and aprons created from Patrick’s unique pieces.

Working with Leclair’s goes beyond a fashion statement, although we have a strong love for Patrick’s products at Reborn. Our founder, Emily, says:  “I love everything vintage. I didn’t realize how much I loved vintage until seeing the pieces Reborn created for Leclair’s design collaboration with its owner Patrick. I can tell this isn’t going to be the last of many unique runs we do together.”

This line celebrates a time when ingenuity and quality, rather than the bottom line, were revered. Craftsmanship shines as a crucial component of what makes our collaboration special. Each item is reminiscent of the past freshly and compellingly, merging memories with modernity and sentimentality with style. 

We are incredibly proud of this line and to have the opportunity to work with Leclair’s General Store. Shop this collection in-person at the storefront and see for yourself how mixing the past with the present leads to a more polished future.

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