Inside Reborn Process

Often times, companies don’t disclose how they create their products. Many people don’t think about how their products are manufactured, but for some, the lack of transparency causes concern. At Reborn, our goal is to maintain transparency to all our customers. 

Your Material, Our Patterns

When we receive an order from our Upcycle Collection, part of the process has already begun. Each of our set products, like our memory blanket and throw pillow, have patterns we’ve created and adjusted. All we need is the material to fit the patterns to the end product.

Once you send us your clothing to upcycle, we layout your garments and match it to Reborn patterns. During that process, we ensure that your wishes, whether you want a certain part of the garment featured, fabric placement or any other special request, is followed. 

Once the final product is created, we package it up using nonwoven surplus material from Mann + Hummel and ship it back to you to enjoy.  

Any excess material from manufacturing is put toward our Zero Waste Collection.

From concept to commercialization with Partners

Businesses reach out with surplus material that otherwise would be thrown into a landfill. Our initial meeting is to meet and learn more about what they’re looking for as a solution. 

Our team goes to the drawing board, looking over meeting notes, and reviews the recurring textile waste or deadstock. We ask questions such as, “What about this stands out?” and “What product is a good match for the brand?” For our partnership with Sunbrella Fabrics, we discovered that a tote was the best fit due to their reputation for durable, weather-proof materials. For our university lines, we’re usually using t-shirts, and we match it to products that are perfect for tailgating or a visit home from the dorms. 

After mocking up prototypes and initial designs, we have several more meetings, ensuring we garner feedback. These meetings come from our core business principles, allowing our partners a say in the process, establishing a love for the final product for both the parent brand and Reborn. 

Once the final product design has been decided, we go back to our facility and begin creating production processes that allow us the volume we want while still maintaining the one-of-a-kind quality that a Reborn product possesses. It is important for our team to strategically decide how to integrate a new product into our production timeline.

This might include thinking through who will be involved in the project, how we might change the setup of machines from swapping out a serger for another lockstitch or changing the thread to a heavy-duty option. Our facility is designed to be evolving. Once a product line gets to a volume we can’t handle, we employ contract manufacturers to get Reborn designs and processes out to even more organizations and individuals.

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