Reborn Clothing Co. Partners With Ice Recycling, LLC.

At Reborn, we are continually looking for ways to expand and evolve. We want our sustainable mission to go beyond our brand and other spheres to make a lasting impact. Our partnership with ICE Recycling represents just that.

Founded in 2008, ICE Recycling is a total recycling solutions provider located in Lake City, SC. They provide solutions to industrial manufacturing companies throughout North America. ICE is an acronym for Industrial Conservation Engineering — the philosophy behind ICE’s partnership approach to understanding and solving industrial waste problems. 

Enter Reborn. We have teamed up with ICE to revolutionize how we discard goods that we cannot upcycle. We will work together to determine which scraps and products are unusable to upcycle through their sustainable practices but can be downcycled appropriately. ICE provides processing, sourcing, and distribution solutions for plastics, textiles, paper, metals, and many previously deemed unrecyclable products.

We take pride in teaming up with ICE to do this work. President, Wesley Ballou, spoke to our partnership: “Reborn’s upcycling capability brings exciting new possibilities to the textile world.  ICE is always looking for new and unique ways to expand our reach of sustainable recycling solutions, and we look forward to working with Reborn on future projects where we can support with value-add services”. 

As Wesley said, embarking on a joint effort has unlocked new possibilities for both ICE and us. Reborn is continuously expanding its capabilities. We are now truly a one-stop-shop for upcycling, downcycling, and recycling, or a combination of all.

Our founder, Emily, agrees with Wesley and adds her take: “We kept hearing from our partners that there wasn’t a one-stop solution for all of their textile waste. While they want to upcycle their surplus or deadstock fabrics, they also have other needs like customer returns or footwear beyond our upcycling capabilities. This partnership pairs the two textile recycling companies on the East Coast, Reborn and ICE Recycling, to form a powerhouse for any brand or organization that inevitably deals with this growing global problem.”

We are excited to work with ICE Recycling to elevate our mission to the next level. We look forward to growing as we search for new ways to promote our values and act on them in forward-thinking ways.


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