How To Spring Break, Sustainably.

Spring break is a coveted time of year; students and faculty alike get time to reset, recharge, and rejuvenate. However, at Reborn, we urge you not to take a break from sustainable living. Even when we travel, there are plenty of ways to incorporate eco-conscious practices into your day-to-day life. We’ve compiled a diverse list of tips and tricks for any type of spring breaker.


For the Beach Go-er:


  1. Start small by looking into bike and scooter rentals. Whether you’re right on the beach or a mile or so away, take this opportunity to enjoy the salt air and limit carbon emissions by ditching the car. Plus, you’ll save money too! It’s a win-win.
  2. Have a free afternoon? Explore beach clean-up options in your area. Most places offer volunteer opportunities to help pick up trash. Make the beach more beautiful and give back to the place where you are staying.
  3. Use reef-safe sunscreen. Many sunscreens, especially aerosols, have harmful chemicals that destroy reefs and hurt marine life. Apply sunscreens that are free of these toxins. It’s better for your skin and the sea.


For the Hiker:


  1. You’ll need lots of water. Bring your reusable water bottle or a backpack with a water pack on every hike.
  2. Pack snacks and lunch in reusable bags and/or containers. Limit the amount of trash you have to carry with you and stay fueled.
  3. Honor the leave-no-trace practice. This refers to not leaving garbage behind as well as leaving nature as undisturbed as possible. By not picking those flowers or walking through untouched grass, you are preserving the wildlife and the beauty of those who come next.


For the City Slicker:


  1. Heading to a city for your break? Look to use public transportation or carpool options. Better yet, explore the city by foot! There is nothing like wandering around a new place with the ability to stop and appreciate it at any point. These options allow you to see the city like a local, but they help contribute to keeping the city air cleaner.
  2. Bring multi-use upcycled totes wherever you go. Whether you are popping into a store on your walk to the park or adventuring to a local farmers’ market, avoid single-use plastic bags by bringing your upcycled totes.
  3. When dining out, limit your food waste by ordering only what you want to eat. At fun restaurants with vibrant menus, it can be tempting to over-order. However, most of what is left on your plate is going to the garbage. Protect against food waste by thinking about what you will eat before ordering. And if you have anything left, take it home for later!


No matter where you go this spring break, we hope you stay safe and sustainable. Wear your mask, limit your plastic use and carbon emissions, and explore a new place in an environmentally friendly fashion. 


Bonus points if you bring your Reborn merch with you and send us a photo!

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