How it Works

How it Works

Your Clothes – Reborn

At Reborn Closet, we take upcycling seriously. We understand that you have options for your outdated or unused garments. We believe that upcycling is the most sustainable option, but with a huge caveat – we have to create meaningful new pieces that will continue to be cherished and used. If we don’t, then we’re not solving your current problem. That’s why we take pride in each creation, and continually strive to create intentional, well designed pieces. 

How Does it all Work?

Upcycling is cool because of its simplicity.

We take a commonsense approach to transforming your outdated tees into new life:


Each of our templatized designs has patterns we use based on the typical size and area of your important logos or patterns on a garment. For example – our quilt, using adult sized tees, uses 12” square panels cut from your tees and sewn together to make a finished top piece.


Our team of seamstresses examines your clothing and any notes you include against our template patterns. This ensures that important words or letters aren’t cut off during the cutting process. And, that we follow design guidelines that you tell us!


Once your garments are cut into the correct pieces to make its way into the finished product, we can sew all of the pieces together, adding things like fleece and topstitching to make sure it’s not only using your clothing but also becoming a truly functional product you’ll use for years to come.

You will see these values reflected in each of our designs, the quality of the supplementary fleece we use for our pillowcase and blanket, down to the stitching and even packaging. Upcycling is a revolution that we’re excited for you to join.

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