Groundbreaking Partnership with Fairware launches Canadian Market

Reborn has launched an exciting new partnership with promotional brand Fairware. Based out of Vancouver, Fairware provides promotional products in an ecofriendly way to clients. Fairware is B corporation certified, meaning top of the line sustainability is in practice. This is a groundbreaking relationship for Reborn because it expands our reach into Canada. Creating this partnership with a company that aligns with Reborn’s core values is an ethical and sustainable step toward better textile development. 

Companies looking for sustainable merchandise can now find Reborn products on the Fairware website inside their  lookbooks! These featured website lookbooks are posted to inspire company campaigns that are both ethical and sustainable.


Fairware upholds a code of conduct with sourcing partners, to ensure the sustainable and ethical supply chain practices the company supports. As a sourcing partner, clients can be assured Reborn is sustainable and so can you.


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