Four Ways You Can Fight Textile Waste Every Day

Reborn Clothing Co. began with a simple mission: to reduce textile waste on a personal level. Today, we’re working with organizations of all sizes to reduce waste on a major scale.

This Earth Day, and every day, we encourage you to join Reborn in the effort to create a cleaner planet for generations to come. Our actions matter, and together, we can turn the tide and make some serious waves in the fight for a better world. After all, waste is only waste if it’s in the wrong hands. At Reborn, it’s an opportunity to inspire people everywhere.

Reborn is dedicated to reducing textile waste. The fashion and textile industry creates billions of pounds of waste each year. We’re on a mission to cut those numbers and you can help! By raising awareness, taking action, and becoming a more conscious consumer, we can all help tackle this textile waste issue.

We’ve pulled together some of our best ideas on how to fight textile waste on a personal level. Check them out!

1. Spread the word

The first step in fighting for the planet is to learn about it. Find out how your actions affect the environment and be a canary! Tell your friends and family how they can show the planet a little love and lead by example. Donate a stack of tees to a local charity or maker? Fall in love with a new low-waste fashion brand? Tell your friends! Chances are, they’ll love it too.

2. Be mindful of how much you waste

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to our own waste production. The average person throws out 70 pounds of clothing every year. Crazy right? Next time you’re thinking of throwing away an worn-out pair of jeans or last season’s top, consider fixing it or upcycling it instead. The internet is your oyster—there are countless videos on how to patch holes, refurbish leather, repair zippers or just make an ill-fitting garment work for you! And when you can’t see any other option than throwing something out? Repurpose it! No need to buy brand-new dish towels or cleaning rags when you can use a t-shirt that you cut up.

3. Watch where you donate

Did you know that only 10-20 percent of donated clothing in the United States is kept in domestic thrift stores? Oftentimes, clothing donations are shipped to other countries where they can wreak havoc on local textile industries. Brush up on the donation policies of different charities in your area, and donate to organizations you know will directly benefit those in your own community.

4. Keep the Earth in mind when you shop

Let’s face it—we all buy a lot of things that we don’t need, especially when it comes to clothes. Next time you’re shopping consider this: on average, you only wear an article of clothing seven times. To save money—and save clothes from wasting away in a landfill or collecting dust in the back of your closet—buy used or repurposed items. The most sustainable practice when shopping for anything is to buy items that are pre-loved. If you’re dying to have something totally new, opt to support brands like Reborn that implement sustainable or organic practices when making their products.

Thank you for joining us on our journey toward a world with less waste. Remember to show us how you’re practicing sustainability each week—just snap a pic and share on social with the tag #SustainableSunday. We repost our faves!Now get out there and show the Earth some love!

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