Personalize Your Next Upcycled Item From Reborn Closet.

Adding even a small touch of personality can take any item to the next level of meaning. At Reborn, we are all about YOU. We strive to ensure that your product preserves the memories you have and is ready for the new ones you will make with every purchase. Paying attention to the little details is how we believe this is possible.

We are introducing our newest upgrade to your personalization. Now you can add embroidery to your custom upcycled Reborn Closet item, making it your very own!

We’ve partnered with The Sewing Shaw, another woman-owned and operated North Carolina based business, to add beautiful embroidery to any item you wish. Jordan Shaw, founder, and CEO states, “the Sewing Shaw is a small embroidery and personalization business that began as a hobby but has grown into a passion. We have a wide variety of thread colors and font choices and access to many vinyl options. We love adding that extra special touch to any gift of an item!” We love their mission, and we know you will too.

The embroidery will unquestionably elevate your item to that next level of significance.

Our custom embroidery service includes three fonts to choose from in three initial styles and seven thread options. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or something more unconventional, we’ve got you covered. We request a max of twenty characters, but we will consider occasional special requests on a case by case basis. This addition should be fun, allowing you to express your creativity in collaboration with our upcycling processes.

We are so excited about this new friendship and to start customizing your pieces immediately. Reborn is ready to take your product to the highest level. Join us in this process, and check out our personalization options. 


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