Davis Furniture Celebrates 75 Years with Sustainable Reborn Totes

Reborn For Business


If you haven’t checked out our business page yet, you’re missing out. We receive an interesting and diverse range of business inquiries, from transforming an organizations’ surplus tees, to a new university partner, or an inquiry into purchasing sustainable giveaways for an upcoming event. Our team is always up for the next challenge.

When Davis Furniture reached out to us, we were thrilled. This is an established furniture company celebrating 75 years of business, and they wanted to work with Reborn!

246 Pounds

Davis had a couple hundred yards of high-quality felt leftover from a client order. This, combined with the twill textile waste we used for the signature handles of the tote, came out to 246 pounds of material that became Reborn.

We see this problem often in the textiles industry. To make sure the exact order is right, a manufacturer will do a sample to start or make a little extra to begin with – it’s room for error that leaves us with high-quality material without a purpose. Through our creative thinking and upcycling solutions, we were able to find its next life.

The result was fewer items in the landfill and unique, memorable gifts for Davis employees.

From Surplus Fabric to Tote: Our Process

We worked with the Davis design team to decide upon a unique tote, made from their surplus felt with an outside detailed pocket, inside hanging pocket, exposed edges, and handles from some of our supply of twill textile waste.

Their 100% repurposed totes were made by our team in Raleigh in a few weeks, and a local screen-printer made sure the Davis name was on each one! These totes went to their employees to ensure 2019, a significant year for Davis Furniture, did not go by unnoticed.

What significant moment in your company’s life do you want to make sure is remembered? Reborn can help.




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