The hard truth or the easy answer?

The tenants of fashion are this: produce as much volume as possible to lower costs and increase your profits. Economies of scale in fashion means making 100,000,000 units with maybe a dollar or two in profit per each unit. Margins are tight along the way, so you have to make a lot, to make aContinue reading “The hard truth or the easy answer?”

Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.

As we have entered a new year, a new presidency, a new time in our lives, environmental justice has never been more relevant to the conversation. Protecting our Earth and accepting social responsibility does not come at the expense of individuality, modernity, nor style. In fact, with upcycling, those attributes are not only preserved butContinue reading “Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.”

Clothing Swaps – A Fun Sustainable Alternative To A New Wardrobe.

From a young age, something is enthralling about wearing what someone else has. Your mother’s lipstick, your older sibling’s sweatshirt, your girlfriend’s dress, your cousin’s cardigan — the list of what we would covet from others and want to borrow goes on and on. It is in our nature, as humans, to share within ourContinue reading “Clothing Swaps – A Fun Sustainable Alternative To A New Wardrobe.”

The Reborn Team’s Top Sustainable Swaps

At Reborn Clothing Co., our mission goes beyond just providing eco-friendly products for your closet. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint any way we can, which includes making small shifts in our everyday lives. Whether it be our beauty routine or favorite household cleaners, the opportunities to make minor yet impactful changes are alwaysContinue reading “The Reborn Team’s Top Sustainable Swaps”

Sustainable Students: 10 Ways to Be Green on Campus

As a college student—especially in 2020—life can feel chaotic and cluttered, so we’ll keep this simple. Small changes in your day-to-day life not only can shrink your ecological footprint, but they can also make your daily routine more stylish, healthy, and vibrant. Here are 10 tips and changes that can help any student be moreContinue reading “Sustainable Students: 10 Ways to Be Green on Campus”

What to Pack for a Sustainable Beach Trip

Independence Day is coming up, and we’re itching for a long weekend spent by the beach. We’ve pulled together our team’s favorite sustainable products for a weekend spent in the sun. Whether you need to keep your drinks cool or just want to look stylish on the sand, check out our eco-friendly must-haves that we’llContinue reading “What to Pack for a Sustainable Beach Trip”