Here’s What it’s Like to Work for a Sustainable, Women-Led Startup

To play a crucial role in the college experience of a student—and a budding sustainability and design guru, at that—is something we’re proud to do, so we sat down with our interns to hear their testimonials—the good, the tough and the unexpected. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to explore the textile industry, spearheadContinue reading “Here’s What it’s Like to Work for a Sustainable, Women-Led Startup”

Upcycling is the New Recycling

If you’ve been following along with Reborn Clothing Co.’s story, you’ve probably heard the term “upcycling” thrown around. Truly—we can’t go a day at the office without hearing it a hundred times. And that’s because upcycling—or taking materials and products that already exist and transforming them into something totally new to be used all overContinue reading “Upcycling is the New Recycling”

Upcycling: Changing the Fate of So-Called Waste

Eighty pounds—or the equivalent of four car tires—is how much clothing the average person throws away per year. And of all the discarded clothing taking up space in our landfills, 95 percent can be reused or recycled. Reborn Clothing Co. is on a mission to change the fate of that so-called waste. While an undergradContinue reading “Upcycling: Changing the Fate of So-Called Waste”

Reborn Clothing: Keeping Memories Alive and Supporting the Triangle

“We really try to focus on storytelling at Reborn,” Emily Neville, founder and CEO of Reborn Clothing Co. said. “One time, a dad sent in the shirt he was wearing when his baby boy was born, and it came with this long, hilarious story about that day and about how special it was for him.Continue reading “Reborn Clothing: Keeping Memories Alive and Supporting the Triangle”

Sustainable Sunny Style

Most people would assume that leftover scraps of fabric belong in the trash, but Emily Neville, founder of Raleigh-based Reborn Clothing Co., sees their potential to become something new and exciting. “We didn’t want to see this perfectly usable, brand new condition fabric shredded or sold for pennies a pound,” Neville says. “What we want toContinue reading “Sustainable Sunny Style”