Burlap Wristlets For 321 Coffee

The Idea

Similar to our Beer To Bags initiative, 321 Coffee, a local startup staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, reached out to us in regards to their excess burlap bags. Prior to our partnership, 321 Coffee had no means to recycle the bags their coffee was transported in so they ended up filling their dumpsters.

The Product

With this material, Reborn came up with the idea to create wristlets. Each wristlet has a unique design and is a great way to show support for two local, woman run, startups. They are available for purchase at 321 Coffee’s store front.

“At 321, I’m proud to be finding ways to use business for social impact. The burlap coffee bags are used to bring the coffee beans from the farms in foreign countries. After they arrive, they have no use. Until now! I’m proud to be upcycling these bags into wristlets and purses and reducing waste in the coffee industry. It’s a perfect example of how you can do something good while making something cute at the same time!” – 321 Coffee’s Founder Lindsay Wrege


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