Bringing Scrunchies Back, Sustainably.

Our Zero Waste Collection was born out of our own problems with textile waste. Just like every textile brand, we have wasted material from the cutting and manufacturing process. When tees come in to our facility, the sleeves and bottom might be cut to form the pattern needed for a memory blanket, or another upcycled product.

We wanted our facility to be zero waste. After all, if we’re preaching it, we better be living by the same rules we ask of our partners. Our CEO had the idea to transform these odd bits and ends into a line of scrunchies, earrings, keychains and more. These are selling on our website for you to enjoy!

We’re also excited to share our Zero Waste scrunchies with a growing network of retailers in Raleigh, NC, and beyond. Our cute glass display box houses unique, one-of-a-kind scrunchies made from different material and patterns we can’t use elsewhere. You’ll find yourself digging through the mixture to find your perfect set of three to take home.

If you’re interested in a wholesale purchase for your retail location, please reach out to We’re bringing scrunchies back, sustainably!

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