Brand Fuel Launches Reborn Product Line

A Storage Nightmare

We’ve all been to events and kick-offs where t-shirts are handed out and usually dated around that point in time. While we may take home our shirt, we don’t always think about all the shirts purchased that weren’t taken home. The result is always the same for these brands – “closets of shame” and surplus gear sits in a storage closet for decades. 

Brand Fuel Adds Reborn to their Vendor Products

Reborn Clothing Co. is excited to partner with Brand Fuel, a promotional product company specializing in music, company and campaign merchandise. Together, we’ll repurpose dated branded clothing into exciting new gear for brands of all sizes. Aside from surplus materials, a brand can look to utilize this partnership if they are going through a rebrand.

Brand Fuel and their expert sales team can walk interested brands through a brainstorming session to understand the amount of surplus and what they’d like from their repurposed gear. We can make a range of products, including koozies, laptop sleeves, duffels, charger cases, coolers and more. Our design team works closely with the Brand Fuel team to see the client’s wishes through to end product. For more information, check out the page on Brand Fuel’s site for upcycling your gear. 

For purpose-driven corporate products, look no further. Clean out your storage closets and give something back to your dedicated clients and employees with a story.  

Proven Concept

To test out this idea, we first transformed hundreds of Brand Fuel’s past tees into unique products for their team. These shirts were collecting dust, but we gave them value once more. Brand Fuel expects that more of their clients have this same problem they did –  and we can’t wait to continue working with them!

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