Big Blue Devil News!

Reborn is excited to announce a licensing agreement with Duke University.


Duke, known for being selective and restrictive in granting licensing, has worked hard to ensure that their reputation is upheld. With their exclusivity, they’ve made efforts to select a few, trusted companies to preserve the Blue Devil name. 


Duke saw firsthand the business practices that Reborn has to offer. Partnering with Reborn provides an opportunity to expand production of Duke memorabilia while ensuring the products are made sustainably. It also enables Duke to place their surplus and outdated gear into the right hands. 


“As with any university, we have many products that were made for specific events or years which inevitably means unusable items. Instead of disposing of them or having them sit in storage, Reborn Clothing Co.’s model and process allows us to give these products a new life while helping Duke achieve its sustainability goals,” says Jim Wilkerson, Director of Trademark Licensing & Stores Operations at Duke University.


To be spotlighted on the Duke University Store page, Duke will join with other North Carolina university partnerships, featured on Collegiate Collection, including Appalachian State, Eastern Carolina University and NC State. Duke students can purchase Reborn products on campus inside Duke Student Stores by mid-November. 


“We’re thrilled to add Duke University as our next Reborn partner school. With a school of this caliber and global recognition noticing the cutting-edge sustainable solutions we’re bringing to the table,” Emily Neville, Reborn founder and CEO says, “I know it’s only a matter of time before our reach extends far beyond what I ever imagined.”  


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