Bespoke Upcycling

Few orders give us as much joy as the individual items of clothing sent to our workshop to be transformed. We love transforming thousands of surplus tees and textile waste from our wonderful partners. We feel like we’re doing our best day by day to play a larger part in decreasing the waste created by the second largest polluter in the world.

So why do we keep offering our upcycling services to individuals from households across the United States? It’s our passion. We’ve received everything from newborn onesies to college tees to heirloom family quilts. Each piece comes with a story that we retell in a unique way.

From our set products online like our memory blankets and throw pillows to the custom creations we bring to life, we’re giving bespoke upcycling a new name. You simply won’t find products like ours on the market.

Plus, it seems like our furry friends give their stamp of approval. See Oliver, [image right] wearing his Reborn dog bandana made from his owner’s Ralph Lauren button down.

This ain’t your grandma’s memory blanket

Our memory blankets combine excellent design with perfected function. We don’t see a point in making something that you’re just going to put back in the closet as a keepsake. We want you to use it!

We use backs and fronts of the shirts to create the diagonal pattern for fronts of the memory blankets. The blankets are finished with a black fleece backing and include an inner batting layer for added comfort. Each blanket includes a Reborn seam tag and a card signed by the lead designer on your blanket’s project.

Custom Creations

It just made sense for us to add a section on our site for custom creations. On the process side, we have fun figuring out how to make your unique idea come to life, and as a business, we believe in offering this option to make sure everyone finds a home in the Reborn family.


Some of our past projects include Christmas stockings made from a family’s heirloom quilt that was no longer holding together very well and coin purses made from a a child’s onesies as something to remember that precious time. We’ve also turned a few formal dresses into a custom blazer for one of our local clients.

In each scenario, we work with you to find out your vision and then together make a plan to execute it in the final design. We create the product in our workshop using the clothing you provide and any supplementary material we need. Then, you have a product you can cherish for life!

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