Being Part of the Solution: COVID-19 Relief Efforts

At Reborn, we’re always committed to being a part of the solution.

Right now, people and businesses in our community and beyond are struggling—and we want to be there for those in need.

The Reborn Team is currently practicing something everyone can do to slow the spread of COVID-19: social distancing. The goal of socially and physically distancing is to flatten the curve of new virus infections to lessen the strain on our healthcare system. However, the positive effects of social distancing could take weeks to appear. In the meantime, we must implement more concrete measures to serve our community.

Healthcare and medical supply providers across the country are experiencing shortages of key materials needed to care for patients—namely, PPE (personal protective equipment) like masks and hospital gowns. While we do not have the ability to provide these items from our facility, we understand just how crucial these supplies are for saving and protecting lives during this time, and it’s our responsibility to help.

To support the health of our community, we are donating 15% of proceeds from each Reborn Process Graphic Tee sale to help our friends at the Carolina Textile District produce PPE for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Click here to purchase a shirt to benefit relief efforts.

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