Beer to Bags: Untapped Potential from local resources

The Epiphany


You may have read that Reborn takes leftover materials, either from producers or consumers, and reimagines the material into an entirely new product! Our latest endeavor has been no exception. We realized that there was a plethora of material at our fingertips simply laying around, not being used, and often being thrown out. Where did we find all of this material you may ask? Breweries.


The Process


In order to make beer, each brewery needs at least these following ingredients: grain, hops, water, and yeast. The grain they receive typically comes in large woven bags, of which they use many bags per day, the specific number depending on the size of the brewery. After the grain has been used, the bags are then discarded. But what if those bags could be repurposed for the very same people who discarded them in the first place?


The Concept


Raleigh Brewing Company (RBC) approached us here at Reborn and asked if we could design a solution for their empty grain bags. We immediately got ahold of some of their bags and designed a product that would suit both the material and the customer. The final product resulted in a tote bag that combined the best qualities of the grain bags while also meeting the consumer’s needs. It can be your new favorite beach bag, market tote, or catch-all! 


Since partnering with RBC, we have added more than half a dozen breweries across North Carolina to our program, including Bond Brothers Brewing Company, Trophy Brewing Co., and R&D Brewing. We’re manufacturing the bags right here in North Carolina at Trotters Sewing Company located in Asheboro. Our new-found initiative has now been coined “Beer to Bags” to represent the simple transformation of grain bags into upcycled totes. We have plans to expand to additional product lines, such as backpacks, as the program expands. 


The totes will be available for purchase later this summer at the taprooms of participating breweries. If you are a brewery interested in joining our Beer to Bags program, reach out to us and a member of our sales team will get back to you with next steps! 

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