Beer Brings People Together

It has been reported that 100 billion plastic bags are thrown away in America each year. What better way to combat that intimidating statistic than starting with beer!

This past summer we set sail on our latest attempt to reduce waste in the industry, our Beer to Bags Initiative. Since launching, we have partnered with over a dozen breweries and are constantly adding more. Not only are these tote bags upcycled and sustainable, but it gives beer enthusiasts a new way of supporting their local breweries. You can now find our Beer to Bags totes in a taproom near you. 

Our Newest Partners:

Bond Brothers-  The Bond Brothers Beer Company, located in Cary, NC, always has something fun up its sleeve! Whether it’s food trucks, events, or cool upcycled totes, there never seems to be a dull moment at Bond Brothers.

Raleigh Brewing- It is no surprise that as a Raleigh-born brand, we gravitated toward Raleigh Brewing, an awesome local brewing company that was our first partner on board to combat this industry’s waste.

Trophy Brewing- This brewing company located in Raleigh, NC, has an excellent draft list, and as a result, a ton of grain bags! Check out these totes that are ready for purchase at their Maywood location and State of Beer in downtown Raleigh.

Deep River Brewing- Deep River Brewing states that its mission is to use locally grown raw materials for its brews, and now they are taking an extra step by partnering with us locally to upcycle their grain bags for a greater cause.

Bhramari Brewing Co.–  We are proud to say that Beer to Bags has traveled to the mountains. Take a look at Bhramari Brewing Company’s taproom totes located in Asheville, NC.

R&D Brewing- R&D Brewing claims to have a “system that allows for innovation, creativity and hopefully will provide consumers with a beer they helped create.” By partnering with Beer to Bags, R&D Brewing consumers can now purchase tote bags sourced from that very same grain.


Beer to Bags has provided a way for two different industries to come together and create a unique product, proving that beer does in fact bring people together. Soon, you’ll be able to shop Beer to Bags at Big Lick Brewing in Roanoke, VA, the Charlotte, NC, taproom of Artisanal Brewing Ventures, Brewery Bhavana in Raleigh, NC, and Green Man Brewery in the NC mountains. Stay tuned for daily additions to our growing cohort! 


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