Beach Totes Made Better With Reborn + Sunbrella, +GIVEAWAY, #MBPSUMMER20

“I was able to easily fit two large beach towels, snacks, water bottles, a Bluetooth speaker, sunscreen, hats, masks, two cell phones, our beach clothes and we still had plenty of room in the beach tote. It’s not too heavy of a bag to carry and didn’t hurt my arms or shoulders like most bags do, due to the heavier weight and width of the rope straps. Since Sunbrella fabric is marine-grade fabric, I never had to worry about the bag getting ruined by rouge waves or sand buckets! While at the ocean, I got several compliments on the bag and was asked numerous times where it came from. I was more than happy to let people know, from a safe distance, that it was a Reborn + Sunbrella Beach Tote!”
Read the full review of the Reborn + Sunbrella Beach Tote from Mommy’s Block Party, and don’t forget to enter their giveaway! One winner will receive a Reborn + Sunbrella Zipper Pouch.

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