Banners, Reborn: In Partnership with Decibel Management

Dates provide an industry-wide problem when it comes to textile waste. Event attendees need them to get excited about the event in the present sense. After all, it’s 2019, not 2018, or 2017, and each year marks a memorable, different occasion. We understand this need to differentiate in the events industry. Most in textiles know this need  – a need for new.

We are left to deal with the waste created by banners or t-shirts that are dated for a specific event at that specific time. Decibel Management, an event management firm, recognized this problem for their clients. They organized, held, and broke down event after event. The banners used for these events were usually thrown away during the break down phase.

With this problem recognized by Decibel, and our skills in reimagining outdated or surplus material, we became obvious partners. Decibel didn’t want to keep dates or specific themes off of every banner or promotional item. It doesn’t make sense for companies that are trying to create those memorable experiences in the present sense.

We’ve teamed up to reduce the event industry’s environmental footprint. Together, we create high-quality products from event signage and materials that otherwise would be sent to the landfill.

The Reborn team manufactures these unique, one-of-a-kind products in Raleigh, NC, and once finished, we ship them to Decibel’s clients who hosted the event. They can use their branded banners-to-bags or other repurposed products as gifts for event attendees and vendors, for internal company use, or for giveaways at their next event.

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