Welcome, Ohio Wesleyan University!

Reborn U has arrived at Ohio Wesleyan University, our latest university partnership! This new collection includes laptop sleeves, accent pillows, tote bags, travel cases, and our signature koozie pack that has quickly become one of our most popular items. With school spirit and sustainability as the threads of this collection, we are excited to seeContinue reading “Welcome, Ohio Wesleyan University!”

Reborn Clothing Co. Partners With Ice Recycling, LLC.

At Reborn, we are continually looking for ways to expand and evolve. We want our sustainable mission to go beyond our brand and other spheres to make a lasting impact. Our partnership with ICE Recycling represents just that. Founded in 2008, ICE Recycling is a total recycling solutions provider located in Lake City, SC. TheyContinue reading “Reborn Clothing Co. Partners With Ice Recycling, LLC.”

Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.

As we have entered a new year, a new presidency, a new time in our lives, environmental justice has never been more relevant to the conversation. Protecting our Earth and accepting social responsibility does not come at the expense of individuality, modernity, nor style. In fact, with upcycling, those attributes are not only preserved butContinue reading “Embracing the Fashion Industry’s Transformational Shift.”

Clothing Swaps – A Fun Sustainable Alternative To A New Wardrobe.

From a young age, something is enthralling about wearing what someone else has. Your mother’s lipstick, your older sibling’s sweatshirt, your girlfriend’s dress, your cousin’s cardigan — the list of what we would covet from others and want to borrow goes on and on. It is in our nature, as humans, to share within ourContinue reading “Clothing Swaps – A Fun Sustainable Alternative To A New Wardrobe.”

Introducing Reborn U — Where Sports, Students, and Sustainability Collide

You already know Reborn (we’re that company that saves surplus from sitting in a storage closet, remember?) and you know our Collegiate Collection (the sector of Reborn used by schools across the nation to upcycle tees, athletic uniforms, banners, and more into sustainable new products). Get ready, because this year is going to be aContinue reading “Introducing Reborn U — Where Sports, Students, and Sustainability Collide”