A Partnership that Paws it Forward

Reborn is excited to partner with Nomaco foam manufacturers on a new line of upcycled dog beds. Dog lovers can unite for the launch of ResQ dog beds on November 1st. Soon your pups will be lounging on dog beds that give fabric, foam and Fido a second chance. 

The mission of this new line is to show support for dog adoption while solving the problem of scrap foam for Nomaco and fabric seconds from Reborn. Each time a ResQ dog bed is purchased, another is gifted to a rescue shelter. 

This all started when our Founder, Emily, joined a marketing and brainstorming session with Jeff from Nomaco back in February of 2019. Within a few months, they realized they could join together to use the high-quality deadstock that Reborn sources to solve the problem of waste for Nomaco. Bean bags to foam toys eventually birthed the idea of dog beds. 

Emily adopted her beagle, Oliver, a few years ago, and knew this idea to encourage adoption with a high-quality bed would resonate with others. 

We’re currently hard at work making the first run of over two hundred dog beds at Reborn HQ in Raleigh, NC. From our facility, the beds, which include an outer cover and inside lining, will go to Nomaco’s headquarters in Zebulon to be packed with foam.

Along with making a gift donation to animals in need, your ResQ purchase comes with a quality product locally made here in Raleigh. Your pup will have quality and comfort on their new bed, with a shelter pup being able to do the same. 

For more information on ResQ (and more adorable pup pictures), check out @resqbogo on instagram, and be sure to make your purchase here on the ResQ site starting November 1st!


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