5 Ways to Style the Reborn Zero Waste Scrunchie

At Reborn we like to think of our products as creations that are good for you and the planet. One of our favorite products at Reborn is the Zero Waste Scrunchie, which is made using scraps from the design process so even our own leftovers don’t go to waste.

This funky accessory has been creeping its way back into our wardrobe for a few years now, and we don’t know about you, but we’re digging the return of the scrunchie! Adding one to your look is the easiest way to make a lazy pony or messy bun look intentional, plus they’re less damaging to your mane than traditional hair elastics.

Right now, you can step up your style and help us eliminate textile waste by adding a Limited Edition Zero Waste Scruchie Trio to your styling kit. Did we mention you’ll get free shipping?

We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to style our Zero Waste Scrunchies for some fresh hair inspo.

1. Experiment with prints

Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and incorporate prints into your looks. Adding a colorful or patterned scrunchie to your hair or wrist is an easy way to upgrade a simple outfit. Our Scrunchie Trio comes with two solid-colored and one patterned scrunchie to pair with pretty much any outfit you put together.

2. Try a topknot 

Scrunchies are our hair accessory of choice when it comes to tying up a bun. We’ve found that our buns tend to fall out quicker than we’d like when tied up with a standard hair tie, but a scrunchie offers more support, which equals less restyling throughout the day.

Try a simple messy topknot tied up with a scrunchie, pop a scrunchie around a sock bun for some added flair, or make space buns even more fun with a couple of funky printed scrunchies.

Looking to style your hair without the heat? Twist your hair into a loose bun and secure with a scrunchie overnight for tousled waves in the morning.

3. Upgrade your pony 

We all love a tried-and-true pony, and a scrunchie is the easiest way to step up this classic look.

4. Polish your look with a half-up ‘do

This style is the perfect mix of cute and casual. To style, just gather the top section of your hair as if you’re going to tie it in a ponytail. No need to try too hard to tame tangles or frizz—we love when this look leans to the effortless side. If you’re into a more polished look, just curl or straighten your hair before tying it up.

5. Stack sets on your wrist 

You know that moment when you take a great picture and then find that it’s ruined by a glaring hair tie on your wrist? Luckily, that’s never the case with scrunchies— they’re just as cute on your wrist as they are in your hair! We love to stack a couple of color-coordinating scrunchies on our wrist to give our looks a boost.

Head to the Zero Waste Collection to shop your new favorite accessory or send a set to a friend–you can even add a gift note on the site! Don’t forget to show us how you style your scrunchies. Snap a pic with your scrunchies and tag @rebornclothing.co on Instagram or Facebook. We’ll share our faves!

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