Clemson Joins the Reborn Family

South Carolina is about to get a lot more sustainable. 

Reborn is proud to welcome Clemson to our growing list of university partners as we expand nationally! Clemson began its sustainability journey with the launch of its Sustainable Building Policy in 2004. Now Clemson is helping us battle textile waste.

The average college student produces over 600 pounds of trash per year — now imagine how much an entire university produces. 

Universities produce massive quantities of textile products, but each year, countless products consistently go to waste. A lot of waste on college campuses consists of outdated or surplus tees, athletic uniforms and banners. Reborn is on a mission to save textile products like these from collecting dust at the back of a storage closet, and Clemson is pledging to help.

Now Tigers can easily support Clemson’s green movement by getting a Reborn-crafted product. Clemson fans will find that a surplus shirt that never would’ve been worn looks much better (and will get a lot more use) as a koozie or tote bag. 

We’ll see you this December in Clemson’s largest retailer, Tiger Sports Shop, located at 364 College Ave.

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