Move-In: Our Company HQ

Things have been moving and shaking at Reborn recently. If you are on our newsletter, then you know that we have had two events and moved into our new headquarters/cut and sew facility in the span of two weeks. That’s not to say that we’ve not been carefully curating your products and working on other business opportunities; in fact, we’ve been doing it all.

This week, we’re showing off our new company HQ, so you can get a taste of who recreates your garments, and where and how we do it.

Although all this machinery may appear confusing and downright scary, this is like a playground for our Product Development team. Up until now, our PD team has been working inside their homes and makeshift sewing studios recreating your garments.

That was the best priced option for a season, but our capabilities were limited in what and how much we could sew. Now we have a home base for our PD team — a space where the creative juices flow, and your garments are being reborn into new products.

These sewing machines are not like your average home sewing machines (although we all love and remember our first Berninas and Singers). There are a couple differences that make these industrial sewing machines better for our purposes and needs.

Overall, our PD team has more flexibility in what they can sew. Now, they can sew heavier duty fabrics — like the heavier sweaters you send in for us to make into body pillows. Another is they have more types of stitches available for our seamstresses to use. They are also slightly more robust in machinery than a home sewing machine, which means we can sew faster and get more products out in less time.

Now that we have our own space for Reborn, we can set roots down as a company and house all of our different team members in one place. This is altogether making communication better and our team more cohesive.

We can’t wait to see what the next months and years will look like for Reborn. Looking back at how we’ve gotten this far, with a new space and new company faces, we can only imagine what the future will hold.

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