Chapter 14: Wool

Reborn Clothing Co. is committed to quality and sustainability in every aspect of our business and, of course, that extends to the places you will never see, like the interior of our pillows. After you send in your sentimental clothing to be made into pillows, we use the wool and heavy fabric scrap materials to make pillow inserts and stuff them with our wool. This guarantees that your pillow will be smooth, soft, and full of beautiful, organic wool. 

The wool has a unique texture. It is not uniform: some pieces are unbelievably silky, and other strands are stiff and curly. When stuffed in pillows it will be firm, but soft and comfortable. Our wool is sourced from the legs and necks of sheep, which is naturally too thick to spin into high quality yarn. This wool is typically discarded, but we are giving it new life by using it in our products. 

Farmers typically shear their sheep once a year, and our wool is sourced from a farm in Sanford, North Carolina, which is a short 30 minute drive from Raleigh. Sourcing locally massively cuts back on our ecological impact by reducing the need for transportation for the wool from several states away or even overseas. 

 Emily got a chance to see the very sheep that were sheared in May for our stuffing! 
Emily got a chance to see the very sheep that were sheared in May for our stuffing! 

After picking up the wool from our local sheep farm, we soak it overnight in room temperature water, wash it in extremely hot water using unicorn power scour, and then let it dry before sorting out any more vegetation, a process called carding. This intensive process ensures that the wool is clean and in prime condition to be used as stuffing. 

There is a common misconception surrounding wool that it is a frequent allergen. Fortunately, this is not the case for most people, at least regarding wool in its most organic form. Commercially processed wool is stripped of its natural oils and the strands are actually destroyed by the harsh process, making it coarse and irritant. For individuals with dust mite allergies, the natural fibers of wool actually repel dust mites. Wool allergies do exist, but true wool allergies are extremely rare. 

Reborn’s commitment to sustainability and quality means that we will always use the highest quality wool possible, which is minimally processed and responsibly sourced. 

Check out our range of pillow options for your memorable clothing and be on the lookout for even more specialty products coming soon.

-The Team at Reborn

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