Chapter 16: Product Development: The Heart of Reborn

We’re a little over half way through July and product development is in full swing in the thick of this North Carolina heat. Product dev is a process, one that we’ve poured so much energy into, and are proud of how much has been accomplished in less than 3 weeks.

We have spent the past month developing patterns to effectively transform your sentimental garments into items that you can continue to cherish. Some of the patterns that we have been working on for customer upcycling include the forget-me-not throw pillow, camera strap, wedding ring holder, pillow case, baby blankie, and an all-new memory bear.

 Reborn's customer upcycling beings, of course, with YOUR sentimental clothing. Reborn’s customer upcycling beings, of course, with YOUR sentimental clothing.

All of our products begin with an idea that is discussed by the Reborn team. Our product designers and our CEO spend countless hours considering potential products, and comparing the pros and cons of each idea.

After discussing and discerning ideas, our designers begin brainstorming and drafting patterns and prototypes. This stage in the cycle is pivotal for moving forward.

When patterns are perfected and prototypes approved, the product is prepared to be released! The process of product development lasts until we are fully satisfied with our product and includes several prototypes. Even after we release the product, we are conscious of customer feedback and continue to make necessary modifications.

Before we can officially release even the most perfect product, there are several more steps we take to enhance the customer experience. We schedule photo shoots and edit photos. We compare the product to similar items in the marketplace. We spend hours determining pricing, which itself is an excruciating process. We set our prices from precise research conducted in the form of Cost of Goods Sold analysis, internal pricing surveys, and customer survey groups.

Finally, after brainstorming ideas, perfecting prototypes, taking photos, and setting prices, the product is ready for the market and is published online. Product development is a long process, and we take every step of the process very seriously.

We are continuing product development even as you are reading this, so head to our shop page and be on the lookout for more amazing Reborn products!

-The Team at Reborn

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