Chapter 7: What’s All This Upcycling About?

Upcycling is a word we really like to throw around here at Reborn, but it’s a relatively new concept. 

So, let’s break it down. 

When you give us your clothing to make it into a product for you, we’re adding value to that garment. Before it reached us, it was worth almost nothing. It wasn’t being used, and after years of sitting in the back of your closet, it wasn’t adding any value to your life. You decided to declutter. It was time to throw things out and start fresh. 

What was worth nothing can be worth something again. Sure, you can donate it to charity or let it be picked up by a recycling program, but you can also upcycle it with Reborn. Why is this a fantastic choice? You’re adding value to something that had lost value. Instead of buying a laptop sleeve that used new material, you’re getting a laptop sleeve from something that was doing nothing for you.

Upcycling allows purpose to come back into your fashion choices. Instead of the constant buy-away, throw-away mentality, you chose to do something special. And now, you can enjoy your upcycled product in a new, meaningful way. 

Our process isn’t always easy. Although we have set patterns that our expert design team has created just for your upcycling needs, we work with many different materials. Sometimes our design team has to adjust our pattern for the material we’re given. Sometimes we have to add our own scraps to make sure it will fit your laptop or size requirements. It’s a process of working with every single garment we’re asked to transform to make a quality, finished product, that you will cherish.

Our process isn’t always easy. We adjust our set patterns depending on the material we receive and requirements for size and detail.


It’s time to shake the dust bunnies off your grandmother’s sweater and love it again. Value the work that was put into making it. Think about the seamstress who carefully and craftfully made it. We don’t need to shred it to make it into something else. We can preserve the original garment in a funky tote bag or a practical laptop sleeve. We can captivate its essence in a throw pillow for your couch at home (you and your cat will love it). 

There are so many options for your garment – ones that don’t include a dark and uncomfortable bin or closet shelf. What are you waiting for? Your clothing has a story, and it’s far from over. 

-The Team at Reborn

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