Chapter 5: DIY Closet Makeover

Hello sustainability-supporting-friends!

As you may know, last Saturday Reborn hosted a DIY event at our workplace, Loading Dock Raleigh. It was an incredibly fun time bringing together the community for an opportunity to upcycle some old clothing and teach people about textile waste, and our role in reducing it. We were able to hang out with our awesome brand ambassadors and meet individuals enthusiastic about sustainable fashion! Our team got to assist with many projects including lavender sachets, headbands, tote-bags, updated t-shirts, and more, all while enjoying delicious muffins and coffee from Jubala! (Support local businesses!)

Transforming well-loved clothes ad donated textiles into usable products is our passion here at Reborn and we love extending an opportunity to do so to our community. With a little bit of guidance we can help our guests learn exciting ways to update their clothing and even give them the chance to use a sewing machine. By creating and providing a space to do so, we can help spread our mission and take a step towards shifting mindsets. Shifting mindsets so we can look at our thoroughly used clothes and still see the purpose, potential, and life left in them. That’s what we’re all about here at Reborn.

We’re not only in the business of reducing clothing waste, but also in the business of increasing our community impact. That’s why we are constantly out and about, at sustainability events, hosting DIY events, speaking on panels, anything to reach out to you. This weekend we’ll be at Method Community Center teaching local Raleigh kids how to sew and focusing on female empowerment and the power of using entrepreneurship to solve problems as well as tabling at the The Scrap Exchange, and speaking on the green business panel.

Come out and see us!

-The Team at Reborn


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