Chapter Four: Meet the Team!

Hey guys!

Welcome to Chapter Four of Reborn Clothing Co.’s Blog. This week we are introducing you to another one of our hardworking team members. Meet Jennifer, our lovely Event Planning Intern!

Jennifer Clark

Year: Freshman

Major: Fashion Textile Management

Hometown: Matthews, North Carolina

Q: What brought you to Reborn?

J: I decided to get involved with Reborn after seeing a flyer in the College of Textiles bathroom, because the concept of the company intrigued me. I loved the fact that Reborn took your own clothes and remade them into a new product. I really wanted to get involved the moment I heard about the company, and I am very glad I am now a part of this amazing company that spreads the importance of sustainability and reducing waste in such a wasteful industry.

Q: What is your role at Reborn? What is your favorite thing you’ve done for/at Reborn so far?

J: My role here at Reborn is the Event Planning Intern. I help with planning and running events, coordinating with Emily and the other team members with anything they need, and help spread our message of the importance of reducing waste. My favorite thing I have done so far with Reborn is having the opportunity to see first hand all it takes to start a company. Working along Emily for the past six months has shown me how much hard work and determination it takes to run a successful business.

Q: Where are you most productive/ where do you like to get work done?

J: I find myself being most productive outside, I mean of course when it is warm. I love going outside to read or write, I just feel happier, which makes me work harder.

Q:  Working at a start-up is a very unique and rewarding experience. What does working at Reborn reward you with? 

J: Working with Reborn has taught me what it takes to grow a business into a success. I am very lucky to be part of this company because I have gained much experience in only 6 months, and I have been able to put my foot in the door of the textile industry.

Q: If you had to choose one item in your closet to wear every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

J:  My dad’s Canadian sweatshirt from the 80s. I wear it with every and any outfit. I know it might not go with everything, but I still rock it! 

Q: What does sustainable fashion mean to you? What would you like to see in the future in terms of sustainable fashion?

J: Sustainable fashion refers to clothing that is made using recycled and eco-friendly materials and is made with safe environmentally friendly practices. As well, sustainable fashion can refer to the recycling and reusing of clothing. Sustainability is very important, especially in a wasteful industry. We have such a negative impact on the environment, and by using safer practices, such as reducing water and using recycled materials we can help change the world by making it a cleaner and greener place.

Q: If you could spend a year in any fashion capital in the world, where would it be?

J: I would want to spend a year in Paris, France. Paris seems like a magical city full of great fashion and amazing food. I would love to be able to see up and coming designers, as well as the trends in the casual wear. With great fashions comes high prices, so I would love an unlimited budget, because I know I will buying a lot of clothes… A LOT!

Jennifer has been an important addition to our team here at Reborn and we are so glad she’s been around to watch and help us grow! Come out to our event this Saturday to see her awesome event planning in action.

– The Team at Reborn Clothing Co

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