Chapter Two: Meet the Team!

Hey guys!

Welcome to Chapter Two of Reborn Clothing Co.’s Blog. This week we decided to give you an inside look at one of our amazing team members. We are so excited to introduce you to Minjee, who works on the marketing aspect of our company. 

Minjee Kim

Graduated: NC State University in December 2017

Major: Fashion Textile Management- Brand Management & Marketing

Hometown: Avon Grove, Pennsylvania 

Q: What brought you to Reborn?

M: I learned about Reborn through the Textiles homepage a month before I graduated. As a textiles student at NCSU, I learned a lot about how the industry can affect people, economies, and the environment around the world. I think this made me more persistent in finding a company to work for that is passionate about being sustainable and ethical in their business practices. 

Q: What is your role at Reborn? What is your favorite thing you’ve done for/at Reborn so far?

M: My role at Reborn is the Marketing Coordinator and my favorite thing I have done so far is creating content for our social media. It’s cool to see things come together and connecting with people who come across our brand online, whether they are a customer or a business focused on sustainability. 

Q: Where are you most productive/ where do you like to get work done?

M: I am most productive outside my home. I tend to be more of a procrastinator when I’m near my bed, so I try to venture out to cafes/coffee shops in Raleigh. Some of my favorite places is Jubala, Morning Times, and BREW. 

Q: If you had to choose one item in your closet to wear every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

M: I have an oversized white button down my friend gave me because he didn’t wear it anymore. It’s perfect all year round and pretty versatile, so I can easily dress it up or down. 

Q: What does sustainable fashion mean to you? What would you like to see in the future in terms of sustainable fashion?

M: I think sustainable fashion can mean so any different things. It doesn’t even have to be bought from a store, it could be doing a clothing swap with friends, or mending clothes that are worn out. I hope sustainable fashion doesn’t just seem like a marketing strategy to consumers and companies. Hopefully more people realize how important sustainability is in the fashion and textiles industry. I mean, this industry taps into several other issues like agriculture, water, waste, etc. Sustainable fashion should be a norm, and more companies need to discuss what they can do better. 

Q: If you could spend a year in any fashion capital in the world, where would it be?

M: If I could spend a year in any fashion capital in the world, I would say South Korea. You might be able to tell from my name that I am Korean. Korea has a lot of young people highly interested in fashion and trends. It’s one of those places, where culturally people feel like they should always be dressed well. Because of this, trends and fast fashion is very popular there. I think it would be cool to try and educate Korean consumers about the importance of sustainable fashion or help brands become more eco-friendly/sustainable.

Minjee is an integral member of our team here at Reborn and we are incredibly lucky to have her. Check out our Events page so you can come meet Minjee and the rest of our hardworking team!

– The Team at Reborn Clothing Co.


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