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You’re one step closer to solving one of fast fashion’s biggest problems. With the average individual throwing away 70 pounds per year, we knew we needed to come up with a better solution to your outdated garments. Explore, dream and create with us so that we can get your clothing out of the back of your closet, away from the landfill, and into your hands reborn as something better. 

Pet bandana

Your dog wants to be sustainable, too

Memory Quilts

Our most sustainable product – upcycle up to 25 tees


Rest easy with Reborn Closet

How it works

Congrats on making a conscious decision to do something different with your clothing – let’s get started! Once you select a product from our site and send in your clothing to our production facility, our team of talented seamstresses will follow your directions to reimagine your clothing (with a little bit of their experience and insights bringing us to the promised land, of course). In just 2-3 weeks, you’ll receive your finished creation back. We hope you’ll share how the story of your clothing continues in its new life. That’s the best part! 

Step 1

Pick a product – we currently offer a pet bandana, memory quilt and pillowcase. We’re hard at work in R&D dreaming up more creations for you to choose from soon!

Steps 2-5

Step 2

At the end of the checkout process you’ll receive a label to print out to send in your clothing. Print out your label, apply it to any size box or package with your garments inside and drop it off or schedule a pickup from USPS. Shipping of your clothing to our production facility is on us!

Step 3

You’ll receive a notification when your garments arrive at our production facility and have been ‘checked in’ just like when you go to the dentist but way more fun.

Step 4

We’d call this next step magic, except it’s not. Our hardworking team of seamstresses based in New Jersey follow your creative directions to bring your garments to new life. Did you know that most sewing is still done by people? Check out our recent article on labor in the textiles industry to learn more.

Step 5

You’ll receive another notification once your order has shipped and is on its way to you. Included in each package is a birth certificate signed by the seamstress who worked on your transformation to signify its new birth date that you can celebrate – and we hope you will!


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Threads Reimagined

Our upcycling process reimagines your clothing like never before. Whether you are graduating high school, celebrating a birthday or simply creating and imagining with your friends, you can participate in something better here. 

Why Upcycling Matters

Just like with any environmental topic nowadays, upcycling has become a topic not just for the fashion industry, but in food, plastic, and so on. It’s the art of preserving the original value or integrity of the initial product in a new form. By using existing materials instead of virgin materials, you are saving the energy, water and resources required to make net new materials. With our simple process, we’re also avoiding using additional resources for a resource-intensive recycling program. 


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